Jay Does a PADI Video

Posted: Jun 12, 2009

Every day at the “office” is an adventure…

When Rachel asked if I would be interested in being involved in an upcoming PADI video shoot I had to think all of a few seconds before saying “sure, sounds like fun”. She didn’t really know what the video was for or what it involved. All I knew was that I was to show up at the Grand Wailea scuba pool with gear in hand.

Upon arrival I met the crew, which consisted of 2 cameramen, a sound operator, director and production assistant. There were also 3 others that were to be “talent”, which was the category I fell into. We were told the video was going to be used in IDC’s (Instructor Development Courses) all over the world and that we would be role playing - alternating between instructor, divemaster and student.

In the first scenario I was the instructor teaching regulator recovery and replace to Open Water students. The catch was I was supposed to leave some things out of my briefing. Well, when your Rescue and Divemaster courses were taught by Paul, and your Instructor Class taught by Teri, you don’t leave things out J. I really had to try hard not to do it right !

The students watching the video than have to pick up on what I was doing wrong. The day consisted of participating in these types of scenarios, both in the ocean and the pool. We wrapped around 2:30pm and as we were all very hungry headed to Eskimo Candy for some Fish ‘n Chips. All in all a very fun day !

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