Roatan, Baby!

Posted: May 14, 2009

I'll keep this one short since it will be impossible to write about this trip without the whole thing sounding like a BRAG session! One of the best things about my job is getting to lead group travel with other divers (read: adventurous people!).

People who know us know that we have a long love of Fiji, but we do guide trips to other places every now and then, including places in the Atlantic. Eleven of us met in Roatan last week coming from Maui, California, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas!

We arrived in Roatan right at the beginning of the swine flu stuff going on and were greeted by officials in face masks - what a way to be welcomed!describe the image

Before we knew it, we were at Anthony's Key Resort enjoying welcome cocktails and getting our room assignments, and gleefully chatting about when we'd get to meet the resident dolphins and start our underwater adventures.

My personal highlights were diving with the dolphins (duh!), and hearing that Don C. was having a great time and wants to do this more often (he can be a tough cookie!).

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