Underwater "Olympics"

Posted: Oct 18, 2009

I totally LOVE to throw events. It is our way of getting a bunch of divers together in one place and just being silly or creative underwater. For Maui Dreams, it is also a way to show appreciation for our customers/friends who visit us in the shop throughout the year and show us a good time!

After 10 years of doing the underwater pumpkin carving contest, last year we told folks it would be our last; it was time to do something new. Of course, this meant we were going to have to come up with something new - doh!

Well, I'd had this "Olympics" idea brewing for years, but kept putting it off, knowing it would be labor and staffing intensive. Yeah, I really just kept coming up with excuses. Announcing out loud that we would be taking a break from hosting the UWPCC for a couple of years motivated me to make this thing happen

So last week all of us MDDC-ers laid out the course and gave the event a trial run. You know what? It was a total blast. I spent more time and used more air clearing my mask than anything else. The mask clearing will not be one of the "Olympic" events, but I was just laughing so hard that my mask kept flooding.

Anyway, we have all loved the phone calls we've been getting about what size spoons you all should bring to the event - hee he he! (More on that in a few days.)

The other comments that have been filtering in have been people's concerns that they might not be "good enough" to participate in this event. To those folks I say, this will not be an event that requires any great levels of athleticism (if you can scuba dive, you are prequalified!) and that this is an event that a diver who earned their Open Water certification yesterday could participate in!!

In the middle of the week, we will send out an update newsletter with more specifics about what's going on, how it will work, etc. Stay tuned, and please plan to join us next Saturday for a heck of a good time.

Aloha, Rachel

p.s. Yes, you KNOW we will have the usual awesome event shirts available too!

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