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Posted: Apr 23, 2009

We are so lucky! "Lucky we live Maui", lucky we get to do what we love for a living!

That said, folks are always asking us what life is like here on Maui, what it's like to be a dive instructor, and all sorts of other more personal questions. Well, here's our spot to ramble on and share some of our thoughts on diving, working at the shop, and life in general with you all. You can expect to hear from all of us here, but I get to start, so here goes.

Today, Earth Day, we did an underwater clean-up on the Maui Diamond II. Just so you know, when we do these things, the boat crew and the team leaders from Maui Dreams all donate our time - none of us are "on the clock" for these events. Yep, these activities are truely for the love of diving, the planet, and for our fellow divers who come along to help us with the clean-up efforts.

So back to today. I and my fellow "E Team" (E stands for Exemplary, by the way!) members managed to "pre-board" the boat. It was a riot. Let me just say that we're not competitive or anything, oooooh no! But, there is a little rivalry between team leaders and their teams to see which group will recover the most lines and weights during these underwater clean-ups and who the topside crew says did the best in terms of how neatly divided the stuff we sent up was. I hate to admit that for the first time ever, the E Team did not come in first place. Not to worry though, we are SURE that Paul's team cheated. No doubt about it :-)

During these underwater clean-ups, we typically work in groups of five. We have one person on the surface to catch the lift bags full of trash and transport stuff to the boat and four people underwater finding, freeing and separating the trash before sending it to the surface. I have to admit that this sounded pretty mundane to me before I participated in a clean-up, but now I am addicted - it is FUN!!!

As an added benefit today, John Wilson was along to take video which he tells us will be featured on tonight's Channel 4 News!

By the way, since this is the first post and since it is mine, I feel totally fine about mentioning names. Thank you to fellow E Team members Tau Over, Bobby Baker, Katherine Jordan, and Mike Elam. Oooooookay, and thank you to EVERYONE else who joined us this afternoon. And Paul? We will get you next time and reclaim our title!!

Aloha, Rachel

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